Picture of me I’m Maks Babarowski.

I work as a software developer and live in Poland.

Usually, I’m doing back-end programming with Java, Spring and Python. However, my adventure as a programmer began with C and C++ and I still like to go back to these sometimes. I’m a Linux enthusiast and do some self-hosting, automation and other sysadmin-oriented stuff at spare time. I’m interested in online piracy (its history) and archiving hoarding the internet.

I like weird genres of hardcore techno music, have a quite big collection of j-core, biking recreationally and watching anime.

If you’d like to contact me, please use the following email:

maksymilian {at} babarowski {dot} pl

My PGP key

Alternatively, you can try catching me on IRC:

  • haniaF@LiberaChat/Rizon
  • kmsrtd@EFnet

You can also find me on: